01Road Transportation Services

BATCO EXPRESS has achieved excellence in providing Road Transportation Services on an industry-wide basis. We are operating in India, and are especially dealing with clients situated all over Maharashtra, HOWRAH , KOLKATA, VARANASI and Mau Natbangan. We have achieved prominence among the providers of Road Transportation Services due to the high standards that we bring forth that are backed by modern technology and an expert team. With a promise of complete reliability along with security of the goods, our Services are aimed towards promoting safe transportation of good across large distances.

We have managed to carve a niche in this industry, based on the exactness with which each task is undertaken by us for the esteemed clients. With every task being executed in timed precision, our clients can always be sure that there are no delays in transportation. Safety of the goods is another area where our services are appreciated by clients as we understand the caution required to handle any type of material. In addition, we keep the consignor and consignee aware of the movement of goods starting from the time they are dispatched till the time they are finally delivered.